What is it about the word marketing that throws so many of us into guilt, uncertainty and leaves us with a slightly iky feeling?

In this post I am going to reframe this idea for you and show you how to embrace marketing for your wellbeing business.

I want to begin by telling you what heart led marketing is not. It is not about persuading people to buy something that they don’t want or need. Long gone are the 1980s when we were given the hard sell, where clients were seen as gullible and if enough pressure was put on them, they would hand over their hard-earned cash. We all know the image of the double-glazing salesman in a shiny suit.

When I started out as a reflexologist in 2001, I had no idea what marketing was. I used to go to lots of networking events and people used to say to me, you just need to market, you need to do this, that, and the other. I’m gonna completely honest, I didn’t really know what they were talking about and I was too embarrassed to ask. (This was pre-internet before you could just google it.)

Eventually I built up the courage to ask this older gentleman in a suit who I judged must know after all he was wearing a suit 😀. I simply asked him what is marketing? And he kinda looked at me, and I’ve got to be completely honest, he couldn’t give me a good answer he sort of mumbled something about selling and advertising.

Even in todays internet world is you google what is marketing you will get several different answers.

Now we know what heart led marketing is not I am going to simplify what it is.

Heart led marketing is nothing more than authentically sharing your gifts, your talents, what it is you do, and who you are to your ideal client.

To market authentically from the heart we need to have absolute clarity about our purpose. I don’t just mean a vague sense of wanting to help people. If you are not sure where to start with this think about your own wellbeing story the reason you decided to train as a holistic therapist, yoga or meditation teacher. Once you know why you are here and why you are doing what you are. You will find it much easier to market your wellbeing business authentically from the heart.

Remember that it is all a journey, keep moving forward.

Helen x